Current Projects

Civic Hub

Problem: SF has over a hundred and forty websites, many of which are old. Difficult to find right information as well as to communicate with proper contact person. Solution: 1. Map out, collect and catalog basic information of all/most of the city’s digital resources. 2. Attach meta data to the list like basic information about the resource. 3. Improve on resident engagement by improving user experience.

Transit Link

Problem: Currently there is no open resource that shows transit routes in a user friendly manner. Solution: 1. Develop user friendly map version of route visualization. 2. Using GTFS feeds from various agencies, connecting via API, visualize routes. 3. Start work on connecting routes and stops for better trip modeling.

Marine Ecology

A pilot citizen science project for Fort Ross Historic State park. 1. Digitizing marine mammal observation data collected over the years. 2. Mapping the data. 3. Visualize data to show trends. Other partners are expected to provide data including Marine Mammal Center and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Adopt San Francisco

A concept platform for volunteers. A number of programs managed by the City departments include Adopt a drain (PUC), Adopt a rain garden (PUC), Adopt a street (DPW), and Street Parks (DPW). A platform will allow keeping volunteers from various programs in a single community for better management and user experience.

Pest 311

Create a mapping and visualization platform for reporting pests and pest related issues. One pilot is for residents of Hunter’s Point housing. Second pilot is a rodent reporting tool for the entire city. This pilot is developed in collaboration with a task force with several city departments on board.

Past Projects

SFMTA Civic Engagement

TRIPLE SF stands for Transportation Regulation & Infrastructure Pipeline Locale Engagement in San Francisco. Over a decade of Metropolitan Transportation Agency Board resolutions digitized and stored in a searchable database. Information is sorted and mapped by the following categories: pedestrian, bicycling, transit, and traffic. Recently we’ve added Engineering hearings order database as well.


San Francisco Crime Database

Initially created for The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act reporting. Offers mapped statistics of crime reported to SF Police Department. A collaborative project of Code for San Francisco, Civic Innovation Group and Designers and Geeks with support from Microsoft.


Geocoding tools for Code for San Francisco Brigade

SF Geocoding Tool gives an ability to add geographic coordinates stored in Enterprise Addressing System to the data feed. SF EAS Search Tool allows to pull addresses from a selected area on the map. The Geographic Geometry Generator (3G): Draw a line, point or shape on a map and it gives you geometry and coordinates.